Here you’ll find some of the latest razors that I’ve put together.


I have a blast working with these on so many levels. It’s a kick to have a tool in hand that was made decades or centuries ago and find it can still work as nice as it ever did, and far better than a modern day razor. Having a piece of steel that is rusted up, discarded long ago, and bringing it back to life is great. Being a small item, it’s nice to work on a project that can be moved around on bread board instead of taking over the whole garage.


I haven’t really taken photos in the past, so I’m not much of a photographer. I look forward to my skills improving and providing nicer pics as I make future projects.

Some other pages in this site not listed on the navigation bar above, for other razors I have done

printed circuitboard scales

Also, consider swinging by is a new straight razor site. It is a forum for all wet shavers. Sham, who I mentioned elsewhere in this site, started it up. He is an expert Honemeister, always willing to share what he knows. This has attracted many other knowledgable users who shoot the breeze there, along with the other popular sites.
Hone use, honing techniques, razor restores, along with all the other fun stuff is discussed there.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy.

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