Here's a Friodur with some beautiful scalloped spine work. 8/8 with a round point.

Raw Mother of Pearl shell polished and cut to shape. Liners are blue 1/16" g10. Sealed and bonded together with System3 MirrorCoat. A progress image is at the bottom of the MOP panels drying on the rough shaped liners.

Bone wedge, nickel rods, triple brass-stainless-brass washers. Pivot hole was not ovaled out, but was larger than standard, requiring to be sleeved. At the bottom are some images that show images of the pivot hole including one with a small piece of rod in it.

The owner said he liked the idea of making it look like an iceberg. The colors of the MOP is different pending what angle or light you hold it at. With the blue liners adding some tint, and as background color I think it came together well towards that.


Friodur Mother of Pearl blue g10 liners